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compact keyholders manufactured in the former KERN production area in Aegerten near Biel.

Made in Switzerland on the Aare ...

The idea of building a compact keyholder was preceded by the demand for a product that we would be able to manufacture independently in Switzerland.
Simplicity, functionality, sustainability and originality make the keycabins what they are.

Sustainability in materials and procurement routes:

Within a small radius of our production site, we find small factories as specialized suppliers for the production of keycabins. From our network we get old snowboards and skis, which we save from final disposal, and prepare by hand for shape milling. We get carpet remnants from local soil layers and plan with thickness planing to the required thickness before we can mill them into the different designs.

When a keycabin dies, it can be broken down into its individual parts in order to recycle them.

The keycabins are packed in recycling craft-paper folding boxes. To save natural resources, we print the instruction manual on the back of the packaging box.

With keycabins we produce the 'first upcycling compact keyholder worldwide'

Connecting elements to a stringent collection:

Since we process various materials and colors for the different types of snowboard skins, skis, parquet floor scraps, leather from production residues, carbon and aluminum, we provide all keycabins with two characteristics. On the one hand, we laser the logo kc on the cap of a connecting bolt, on the other hand each keycabins is equipped with the bottle opener designed by us with integrated hanging loop and lasered logo. These two connectors can be found in all keycabins.

We are happy if we can inspire you with our product idea.

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